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Diwali Gifts

Top 25 Trending Diwali Gift Ideas for 2023

11 Oct 2023
Top 25 Trending Diwali Gift Ideas for 2023

Diwali is the grandest of all festivals in India. Also termed, ‘Deepawali’, it is the festival that promises to eliminate the darkness. Moreover, this occasion holds special significance in everybody’s hearts, as it is connected to a mythological event. One of the stories associated with this festival is that of Lord Rama’s homecoming after 14 years of exile. It also depicts the triumph of good over evil. The festival of lights holds a lot of importance culturally, as well as spiritually. You will find homes, offices, and all types of establishments getting decorated with electric lights, candles, and diyas. Families come together to celebrate the occasion, with a lot of love and togetherness.

Why Gifts Depict Elegance And Grandeur

This is one big festival that transcends all religious boundaries and differences. Everybody celebrates Diwali with aplomb. People exchange gifts, to show their family and friends that they care. Business owners also choose praiseworthy gifts for employees and acquaintances.  No matter, if you are seeking contemporary or traditional gifts, there are many to choose from today.       

Gifting is not just a mundane activity, but an art. The emotions behind the gifts also matter. Getting Diwali gifts online in a thoughtful manner helps to provide joy and satisfaction to all the receivers. It also shows, how much time and energy the other person has invested in sourcing the right gifts for the occasion.

The Most Opulent Diwali Gifts

  • Designer Wear – Today, designer wear is available at never-before prices. With online options aplenty, where sellers cut costs of storage and maintenance, you can get them at pretty low prices than before. You can choose such wearables as clothing for your loved ones and friends.
  • Perfumes – You can also choose the most highly-reviewed scents from online stores today. Get foreign-made ones at great discounts. Your loved one will be surely impressed with your choice.
  • Designer Bags – If you are confused while choosing a gift for a female friend or member, then order handbags for Diwali. They are functional and your receiver will love the thoughts that go with them. Many times, people buy gifts that are just for show. Adding utilitarian value makes the person happy, as well.
  • Dry Fruit Platters – Diwali is incomplete without a dry fruit platter. It is a tradition to gift such combos that contain almonds, cashews, pistachios, and raisins. Contemporary platters also pack in macadamia and blueberries. It symbolizes grandeur in the true sense of the word.
  • Silver Utensils – Indians treat metals like silver and gold with a lot of respect. They are the epitome of wealth and the harbinger of the good times. Thus, most people buy them on Diwali. You can choose from urlis, plates, and bowls that are made from 99.99% silver. They are pieces that add a touch of prosperity to your homes and workspaces.
  • Festive Snack and Sweet Platters – Get hold of platters containing savoury snacks and delectable sweets, as a gift. They are great for gifting your employees and acquaintances.
  • Electronics – You can gift high-end electronics and gadgets to your friends and family members. Choose from hand blenders, watches, earbuds, laptop accessories, headphones, Bluetooth speakers, and many more.
  • Luxury Stationery Kits – Grand stationery kits containing branded pens, calendars, diaries with embossed names, and pen stands make for a delightful Diwali gift. Moreover, the same is used in the office, or at the home workstation. Whenever the receiver sees the gift, he or she is reminded of the one who gifted the same.
  • Experiential Gifts – You can also gift holiday packages, water park tickets, and luxury getaway vacation hampers to your beloved. These create memories that stay on forever.
  • Spa and Retreat Packages – Such packages are loved by one and all. With stress being a constant companion, this is the chance for your beloved to enjoy some ‘Me-time’. One can relax while getting massages with aromatic oils and sauna.
  • Handcrafted Jewellery – Apart from bags and apparel, jewellery has been known to impress every woman. It is the perfect feminine gift. One can get these in sterling silver, gold, and platinum, as well.
  • Handcrafted Showpieces – Handcrafted pieces are extremely valuable and unique. It is something that has no copy, as handcrafted things cannot be duplicated. So, choose something like trinkets, wall hangings, and resin trays.
  • Aromatic Candles – These can be used by one and all. That makes them all the more popular. You can choose one according to the colour and scent. These produce less soot and burn properly, without creating a mess.
  • Crystal Ware – Such gifts can be used on any occasion like in house parties. Moreover, they are quite royal in looks. Furthermore, they are often handed over from one generation to another, due to their timeless nature.
  • Precious Coins – Coins made from silver and gold metals are loved and valued by most people. It is a tradition, to buy such pieces during this auspicious time. Additionally, gifted ones are held in high esteem as well. They are considered to be luckier.
  • Art Works – Curated artworks are timeless pieces, which attract the onlookers. These are unique in their own right, as they have a mystic aura around them. You will often find these based on a theme, close to the painter’s heart, or a generalized one.
  • Tea And Coffee Sets – If you are gifting a tea or coffee lover, this is just appropriate. If possible, you can also include high-quality tea leaves or coffee beans for that ultimate beverage experience.
  • Chocolate Truffle Boxes – If you are gifting someone with a sweet tooth, a chocolate hamper is just appropriate. Fill it up with plain ones, stuffed ones, and candied ones as well.
  • Decorative Lanterns – Art Deco lanterns with metal cutwork are trending today. They serve as a utility piece to hold candles, and also double up as showpieces.
  • Antique Wall Clocks These timekeepers can add a touch of opulence to wooden or Victorian interiors.
  • Beauty Bundles – If you are gifting a woman, then choose a beauty hamper containing handmade soap, shampoo, virgin coconut oil, and sugar scrub. Handmade products are loved by all.
  • Cook Ware – For someone who loves to cook, choose cookware sets containing casseroles or serving sets. Aprons in handcrafted versions are also desirable.
  • Pet hampers - Gifting someone who loves their pets is easy. Get chewy toys and treats for their pets, as they are as good as kids for such people.
  • Potpourri Baskets – Gift aromatic potpourri, in handwoven baskets for that rustic, farm-like feeling.
  • Personalized Gifts – For this Diwali, you can gift embossed, gilded, or screen-printed cushions, table clocks, water bottles, Diaries, mugs, or LED speakers to your loved one. These make great corporate gifts as well.

These are a few Diwali gifts that can also double up as gifts for other special occasions. You can use them for a variety of recipients.

Some of the other occasions, when you can choose the above are:

  • Anniversaries – Celebrating such events is easy now, with personalized jewellery and collectibles available in online spaces.
  • Birthdays – Luxury watches, sterling jewellery, and bracelets can make anybody feel special.
  • Marriages – Gift electronics, gadgets, tableware, and crystal ware to new couples who are just starting their conjugal life.
  • Corporate Events – Employees thrive on appreciation and recognition. And the best way to show that is through gifts. Choosing practical gifts for your employees helps them feel at home, too.

Allow your gifts this Diwali, to outshine others. Choose them with care, and spread the word of love.

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