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Best Gift Ideas for Your Honey - Valentine's Day Gifts

Some facts about the biggest celebration of love!

  • Valentine’s day celebrations started out to honor the saints known as ‘Valentinus’ who were associated with love in various ways. The most famous Valentine anecdote is of the saint who strove to get the soldiers in his kingdom married off, against the king’s wishes. It is also in these immemorial legends that has Saint Valentine curing the jailer’s daughter, Asterius. Before the saint’s execution, he penned a letter that he famously signed off with ‘Your Valentine’. That epithet has stuck for all these years when people still declare themselves to be the ‘valentine’ of their partner.
  • Valentine’s day has always been associated with courtly love. The passing of time cemented Valentine’s day as the day when people in the king’s court expressed their love by gifting each other flowers and confectionaries. The tradition restricted itself to kingly courts and made its way to some bards and paeans written by the court musicians. It would be still long before Valentine’s day become popular.
  • The fourteen century saw popular literature by Geoffrey Chaucer bringing the occasion to the forefront of modern romance. Couples around the world took instant liking to the concept of the fallen hero who was supportive to the concept of love.
  • Fast-forward to the present century where Valentine’s Day is the most widely celebrated occasion of love the world over. Every year, hundreds upon thousands of love-struck couples devise new ways to express their love for each other.

The new ways to express your love!

YuvaFlowers brings some of the most innovative, romantic and budget-friendly ways to help you express your love. Valentine’s Day is the true gift of tradition towards the celebration of love. It makes perfect sense to have the highest expressions of romance gracing this amazing occasion. Through our carefully designed product catalogue and proven service expertise, we promise to make this Valentine’s day truly special for you.

Our commitment for your celebration

  • We at YuvaFlowers will leave no stone unturned in making this Valentine’s day a memorable one by helping you get the best gift yet for your loved one.
  • Thinking of gifting the most exquisite bouquet of flowers to your girlfriend? You can place an order anytime and get guaranteed delivery.
  • Want a special cake to celebrate your love for your husband? We got you covered!
  • Looking at personalized mugs to celebrate those coffee-dates with your boyfriend? YuvaFlowers is here for you!
  • Are you thinking that your wife might enjoy a new, personalized cushion with a basket of exotic chocolates? We can deliver all of that for you.
  • Yes, we at YuvaFlowers have got all your gifting needs covered. So let’s express your love in the most romantic way yet, and order a custom gift from YuvaFlowers today!

Celebrate Valentine Week 7th-14th Feb

You don’t get to celebrate the day of love in just 24 hours! You can celebrate a whole week of love as the Valentine’s Week gives you 7 different occasions to express your love to your sweetheart.

Rose Day- 7th February

On this Rose Day, you can express your love to your sweetheart with a blooming bouquet of red roses and an amazing hamper of other gifts. It is a great way to express your heart’s feelings with flowers.

Propose Day- 8th February

This is the second day in the Valentine’s Week when you can propose to your partner and let them know much you crave for spending the rest of your lives together.

Chocolate Day- 9th February

On this day, you can celebrate your love and togetherness with chocolates and sweet. This day is the perfect time to gift your loved one a box of exotic chocolates or a bouquet of chocolates.

Teddy Day- 10th February

This is the day of expressing your love in the cutest and most innocent way possible. You can send a beautiful cute teddy to your loved one and make them feel truly special.

Promise Day- 11th February

On this 5th day of the week, you both promise a lifetime of togetherness, faithfulness, trust and love.

Hug Day- 12th February

This day marks the embracing of two souls who are looking forward to get bonded for this entire lifetime. You can celebrate this day with the perfect gifts and make sure that you stay close to each other’s heart forever.

Kiss Day – 13th February

This is the day of passion and a form of purest expression of love. Lovers exchange kisses to make their love more memorable and beautiful!

Valentine’s Day- 14th February

Finally D day is here! This is the king of all romantic occasions where couples decide to celebrate their love for the rest of their lives together. You can go for a range of delectable cakes, blooming flowers and other gifts to make this day truly amazing!